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An exhaustive list of growth ideas that you can use at your startup


  • Get ideas on how to increase the average order value, customer retention & referrals

  • Startups that have not got their first customer will get ideas on how to buildup to the first 1000 users

  • Multiple ideas on what can be done to make the product launch a success, improve user acquisition strategies & increase conversions. 

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   How To Use   

200+ ideas to help you achieve the stellar growth

Choose which part of the funnel you need ideas for

Decide if you want to use budgets

Get  growth ideas


Click here to get access to the Google sheet with 200+ growth tactics 



Ideas on driving user acquisition when starting up and when scaling 


Onboarding  & engagement tactics to get users to understand the value proposition 


Ideas on getting users to keep coming back for more and drive up LTV


Tactics to gamify referral and increase the virality factor of your service


Tactics to increase average order value and pricing the product by delivering more value


Growth Lead, Paytm

This Google sheet has been a lifesaver.  I have used many of these tactics in the past. The fact that they are in one place is very helpful. Has made my life much easier.

Marketing Lead, Zomato

Love how I can target specific parts of the funnels and get a ready list of over 30 ideas.  Great solutions and ideas for user acquisition in one Google sheet.

Product Lead, Ola

Value for money!

The tactics surpassed my expectations.  I highly recommend this to product managers who are looking at growth. You will never fall short of ideas

Ideal for entrepreneurs, marketers, growth specialists and product managers

Growth Tactics




  • 200+ Growth Tactics in a Google Sheet

  • Filter by Funnel Stage

  • Huge time Savings

  • Lifetime Access

  • Regularly Updated

  • Get Notified With Every Update


How will I get updates when new content is added?

The tactics are in a Google Sheet that you will have exclusive access to. You will be notified by email every time a new growth tactic is added. 2-5 tactics will be added every month. Sometimes even more. Currently, there are 240 tactics in the sheet.

There's a problem with the payment. Help.

Please email me in case of any issues. Most of the times it is a payment gateway issue which gets sorted within an hour.

Isn't this expensive?

It has taken a team of 5 members each with over 10 years of experience in growth and marketing to narrow down the most effective growth tactics.


If even one tactic works for your startup you'll break even on the small investment worth $49 (which turns out to be just $0.20 per tactic). 

If you find this list to be of no value at all, please email me within 24 hours and I shall refund the amount 

For any additional queries email

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